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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit a request for an application?

The Anna-Maria Moggio Foundation does not accept unsolicited applications. Applications that are submitted without invitation will not be considered.


Organizations or individuals interested in applying to the Moggio Foundation must submit a Letter of Intent. Please view “How to Apply” for specific information on what should be included in a Letter of Intent.


Are there any deadlines for the submission of a Letter of Intent?

The Moggio Foundation accepts Letters of Intent on a year-round basis. We ask that Letters of Intent be emailed to


How long will it take to receive a response after submitting a Letter of Intent?

It can take up to eight weeks to receive a response. Those submitting a Letter of Intent will receive notification via email.


What amount can be requested?

The Foundation expects the organization to provide detailed evidence that the amount requested is integral and justifiable to the scope of the project.


When can applicants expect to receive a response regarding their application?

Depending on the deadline date provided on the application, it may take up to eight weeks.


Does The Anna-Maria Moggio Foundation consider renewing grants?

If a grant recipient would like to re-apply, it must first submit another Letter of Intent.  In general, grant recipients must wait five years to be considered for another grant.

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