Grants to Individuals (The Anna-Maria Moggio Award of Distinction)

The Award of Distinction is directed toward improving or enhancing a literary, artistic, musical, scientific, teaching, or similar capacity, skill, or talent of the grantee. Grantees are expected to pursue a career in a specialized field consistent with the charitable purposes for which the Foundation is organized.


Anna-Maria Moggio Award of Distinction

The Anna-Maria Moggio Foundation will, on occasion, award grants to individuals.  The Anna-Maria Moggio Award of Distinction (hereinafter referred to as the “Award of Distinction”) is awarded to individuals on the basis of artistic outstanding achievement in the visual or performing arts, scholastic contribution to literature, research (scientific, artistic, the humanities), environmental preservation, and for demonstrated leadership in community affairs.


The Award of Distinction will provide funding to individuals for the purposes stated above. The terms “artistic” and “musical” apply to individuals who are either aspiring or established artists or musicians, including, but not limited to, the following: composers, conductors, and performers of music; vocal artists; dancers; artists working in drawing, painting, sculpture, film, video, and new media, authors (fiction and nonfiction), poets, scholars, teachers of visual or performing arts, playwrights and screenwriters, actors, and designers and architects.

Recipients of the Award of Distinction will represent a wide range of ages, backgrounds, stages in their careers, disciplines, and activities.  The Award of Distinction will provide opportunities to artists and musicians who are between the ages of eighteen (18) and thirty-five (35), including young individuals who are establishing their career to established professional artists and musicians. 

Examples of the individuals and activities that the Award of Distinction may fund are provided, below: 

  • A grant to an individual recognizing outstanding musical talent or potential and encouraging further development in the recipient’s music specialty by providing funding for lessons or by assisting with the purchase of a musical instrument to develop, improve, and enhance his or her musical capacity, skill, and talent. 

  • A grant to an independent vocal artist (not signed to a recording contract) in order to compose a piece of music or make a recording that showcases his or her musical talents. 

  • A grant to a young artist desiring to pursue a career in visual arts in order to assist in procuring an appropriate venue or forum to showcase his or her talents. Based on the circumstances, an appropriate venue or forum may be a physical location, or it may be a website. 

  • A grant to a new playwright to provide a forum for the performance of a play with performances of high theatrical quality. 



Application Requirements are for those applying for the grant under this program and include documentation.

Applicants are required to complete and submit to the Foundation a “Grants to Individuals” application through the link provided. Grants to Individuals Application

The application must include a detailed description of the project for which the funds are requested, including:

  1. A clear and concise narrative on the individual’s goals or objectives.

  2. A description of the relevance of the proposed activity to the individual’s overall goals as an artist or musician.

  3. An explanation substantiating the individual’s ability or qualifications to fulfill the proposed activities within the stated timeframe.

  4. A discussion of the way in which the grant can be used to expand the individual’s opportunities within the discipline.

  5. A brief statement of how the applicant’s project is unique and how it can contribute to the promotion of the arts or music.

  6. Amount of funding requested; and 

  7. Estimated time from start to completion of the project. 

  8. The Foundation requests the applicant to briefly note how he or she leaned of the Foundation so that the Foundation may improve its grant􏰀making program. In this way, the Foundation will consider, review, and evaluate the responses to this question so that it can augment its advertising and promotion of the Award of Distinction to attract a diverse and qualified pool of applicants.


Supporting Documentation


  1. A complete biographical record (e.g., resume or C.V.) and relevant supporting materials, including a report on his or her academic and professional career, and a description of prior employment, involvement in a fellowship program, or other relevant experience.

  2. A sample of the applicant’s work.  This might include the applicant’s portfolio, or a short video highlighting the applicant’s artistic talents or sample recording.

  3. Two or more letters of reference.

Criteria for selection (i.e., how is the selection committee ranking the applications and making the selection of one candidate over another).

To be selected as an award recipient, each applicant must:

  1. Be advanced in artistic or musical skills and experience or

  2. Have the goal of becoming (a) a professional artist or musician, (b) an amateur artist or musician with advanced art or music skills, or (c) a participant in a specific artistic or musical specialty.

  3. Demonstrate aptitude and commitment for achieving his or her stated goals; and

  4. Demonstrate financial need for the grant if applicable. (While financial need will be considered, it may not be a determining factor for the Award of Distinction). 

Each Application will be evaluated by the Foundation’s Screening Committee based on the above criteria. The Foundation’s Screening Committee will nominate candidates who satisfy all the above application criteria and have submitted all required documents.  The Selection Committee will then arrange for a personal interview with the applicant.

The Foundation’s Selection Committee shall be comprised of highly qualified professionals with diverse artistic or music backgrounds.  Members of the Selection Committee must not have a conflict of interest with respect to any applicant. While it is inherently difficult to make comparisons of accomplishments across such different artistic and musical genres, the Selection Committee will review the quality and originality of the applicant’s work, as well as the applicant’s potential to benefit from the grant.

By way of example, for vocal awards, the Selection Committee may consider criteria consisting of beauty and tone quality, technique, communication, musicianship, and stage presence. Specific criteria for instrumental awards include tone quality, interpretation and musicianship, and technique. All candidates may also be evaluated on their choice of materials, appearance, improvisation, poise, memorization, and mastery of technique.

Following the personal interview, the Selection Committee will recommend the number of grants to be awarded and the amounts of each grant. The Foundation’s Trustees will then approve or reject the Section Committee’s recommendation.

The Trustees select grantees based upon the merits of the proposal, the credentials of the applicant, the relationship of the proposal to the Foundation’s program activities, projects, or areas of concern, and its priority given the other obligation on Foundation funding.